What is Unani System of Medicine?

Unani medicine, also called “Unani-tibb” which is based on the teachings of Hippocrates, Galen, and Avicenna... read more

What is Unani System of Medicine?

Unani medicine, also called “Unani-tibb” which is based on the teachings of Hippocrates, Galen, and Avicenna
It’s a System of Medicine. It has been approved by WHO (World Health Organization) as a system of medicine. Unani assure complete health and provide complete cure for most of the diseases within a short period of time. The system has originated from Greece and was developed by the Arabs. Now it’s widely accepted and being practiced all over Asia especially in India and neighboring countries. In India it is one of the important part of the government health group called AYUSH (Ayurveda,Yoga, Unani, Sidda, and Homeopathy).

Hippocrates is considered to be the father of Medicine and accepted Worldwide.Accepting all his theories, He is the father of Unani Medicine .He was an ancient Greek physician of the Age of Pericles, and was considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine. He is referred to as the “father of medicine” in recognition of his lasting contributions to the field as the founder of the Hippocratic school of medicine. This intellectual school revolutionized medicine in ancient Greece, establishing it as a discipline distinct from other fields that it had traditionally been associated with (notably theory and philosophy), thus making medicine a profession. He has taught the theories of FOUR - ELEMENT and FOUR -HUMOR theory to the entire mankind.

GALEN (known as Jalinoos in Arabic): Galen was born in the ancient Greek city of Pergamon. Galen’s works covered a wide range of topics, from anatomy and physiology, and medicine to logic and philosophy, both summarizing what was known and adding his own observations. He added much to the theory of Hippocrates and proved them scientifically. Although Galen studied the human body, Galen identified veins (dark red) and arterial (brighter and thinner) blood, each with distinct and separate functions. Venous blood was thought to originate in the liver and arterial blood in the heart; the blood flowed from those organs to all parts of the body where it was consumed.

He was the first physician to treat patients with CUPPING THERAPY.

AVICENNA (known as IBNUSEENA in Arabic):
Avicenna or Ibnuseena (full name Abu Ali al-Husain ibn Abdullah ibn Sina) was born in 980 C.E. in the village of Afshana near Bukhara which today is located in the far south of Russia. Among his scientific works, the leading two are the Kitab al-Shifa (Book of Healing), a philosophical encyclopedia based upon Aristotelian traditions and the al-Qanun al-Tibb which represents the final categorization of Greco-Arabian thoughts on Medicine. Any of the information we collect from you may be used in one of the following ways:

Way of Treatment
It is a system of medicine accepted by the Worl Health Organization (WHO). It is based on four element (Fire, Air, Water and Earth) theory and four humour (Blood, Bile, Phlegm, Black bile) theory. Four types of treatment is adviced in Unani System of medicine, they are: Treatment with Food and Nutrients, Treatment with Medicines, Treatment by Regimental Therapy and Surgery

Naturally Prepared
The medicines are prepared ONLY from the natural sources. They are made from herbs, minerals and animals. Herbs include the common Neem, Senna ...etc and minerals like Calcium, phospherous ..etc. Some medicines are of animal origin like Kasthuri, Pearl oyster ...etc

More Effective
Most of the medicines are quickly effective for almost all the diseases.this is evident for the joint pains, cold and cough, digestive diseases and to retain body vitality. Some of the diseases may need longer period of drug consumption for complete cure.

Safe & Harmless
So far unani Medicines do not produce any side effects to the body. All of them are from natural sources. But improper consumption of drugs and un authentic medicine usage for a longer period may have some side effects in the body.

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